Dancing classes for adults in North London Islington and Camden. Performance courses offered
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Established in 1997
The Basement Dance Studio..

has been in operation for fifteen years.  All of our teachers are experienced and  trained . In the main we have trained at professional dance schools such as  Laban, Rambert, London Studio Centre and The Place.

Some of of our teachers have learned their skills in less conventional places. For instance all of our break-dance teachers  are in break dance crews and have developed their skills through professional  performance experience.  Our Street dance teachers come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from a  background of professional training and or  professional company training and performance.
Free trial dance classes offered in London, Islington Dance lessons for free in North London
Let us help you get started
Please email the club with the   title of the dance class and  the date you would like to attend.

Temporary membership classes are offered to those who have not previously  taken  the trial class at The Basement
All participants should be over 18 years old
Bookings are registered via email only
Alternative bookings are not offered for absenteeism
Lessons once booked are not transferable
Temporary memberships are valid for one day only
All bookings must be scheduled the day of purchase
Dancing lessons for Adults London Islington UK
Try a lesson and become a member for one evening

It’s always a little daunting  signing up for a course for the first time.
Why not try a lesson before you book? Take our  temporary membership for one evening.  This includes one free lesson. You can also get a good feel of the club  before your join!
Things to consider:

Register on any day but the course start date
Don’t select the course start date for your trial.  If you decide to continue with the  course you have tried, you will still be expected to pay the full fee for the course.

Always avoid the the  start date   and book a  lesson that is currently running with a previous start date.
Always bring your receipt with you

As a visitor to the club we will need to see your  registration receipt. This is  the receipt that is sent to your email account when you book on line.  

Print this receipt off,  or ensure that you have this note available for viewing on your mobile phone. Failure to do this will present problems for class access
Email Us

We would like to book you in for the evening and register you for your free  lesson.  Please email   the attendance date for your temporary membership and lesson you would like to participate in on that day.

If you would like to talk about the club and membership in more detail,  please note this in your email to the club.  You will need to be booked in for an appointment
Enjoy your evening at The Basement

Once you have registered, feel free to come in any time.  You can stay as long as you like and watch all the classes that are on offer during the evening. If you have requested an appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
One Day Membership at the Studio
One Day Membership £16