Introductory ballet dance classes for children in London ballet lessons for toddlers in north london

Designed to encourage our young ones  to enjoy ballet as an art form from a young age.

Ballet lessons for children North London

Fringe Benefit!

A great way to meet other  mums who live in the area!  Feel free to sit and watch your child during their ballet classes.

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One six week term £50 for six weeks
This programme is a fun, no pressure ballet class for toddlers to enjoy. It steers well away from the traditional prescriptive notion of ballet teaching for kids.
Nursery rhymes, props and games included to create a great ballet programme and a fun environment
In addition the  classes are designed to develop confidence, build an association with  classical music and ballet while having fun. The classes are structured to ensure toddlers will have a positive experience of ballet and fond memories of their ballet lessons.
Crb checked experienced teacher
Two six week terms £80 for six
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Ballet  Award Scheme

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Imaginative  fun ballet dance lessons for kids.

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